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Sunday Worship
Join us for worship, Sunday's at 9:00 am.
Sunday School starts at 10:20 am.

recurring events
9:00 am - Worship
10:20 am - Sunday School

10:00 am - Bible Study

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Reformation cornerstones
Every October, many Protestants celebrate the work of reformers who brought about much-needed change in the Christian church. At the center of their contributions were four teachings:
• Scripture alone: The supremacy of the Bible as the surest guide for faith and life.
• Grace alone: The supremacy of God’s undeserved love. God counts us “right” with him when we accept his free gifts of forgiveness and salvation.
• Faith alone: The supremacy of faith. Only by believing and trusting in God’s promises, and through no works or achievement of our own, do we receive eternal life.
• The priesthood of all believers: Christians are “members of one another” (Ephesians 4:25, NRSV). In God’s eyes, Christians are all on the same level. We each have a ministry to fulfill to one another and to people outside the faith. Martin Luther said we’re “reciprocally and mutually one.”

Staying spiritually fit
Prayer is like exercise: Neither is an end in itself. Just as exercise is intended to make us physically fit by strengthening our muscles so we can manage more activity, engaging in  prayer leads to more prayer. The harder one works at exercise, the greater the results. But if we give up the routine, the results won’t hold. The same goes for prayer.

Writes Rev. Kate Braestrup in Beginner’s Grace (Atria Books), “There will be no moment - in  this life, anyway - when I will be able to say, ‘That’s it! I’ve prayed, and the prayers have paid off: I’m a fully conscious, totally grateful, and unstintingly generous person. I can just start stuffing myself as soon as the plate hits the table.”

Rather, she notes, “The more you give, the more you will be able to give; the more you receive, the more you will be willing to receive; and the more you pray, the more you can … pray.”